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Welcome! I’m Paul Hafalla a Filipino virtual assistant from the Philippines. I’m here to offer advice to all who want to become a virtual assistant aka VA. I’m also offering a one-on-one mentoring or coaching to all who are eager to learn the basics about virtual assisting.

Virtual Assistant Notes for Absolute Beginners is a blog created especially for those who want to become a virtual assistant and those who already are. My goal is to help those who want to become a virtual assistant the right way, to guide and help you start your own virtual assistant business, and share my tips and ideas on how to find a better way to attract clients. If you like to become a virtual assistant, I can help teach or guide you the very basics. If you’re already a VA, I can help you build your business, find or attract ideal clients, and keep you up to date about VA trends.

Please take advantage of all the article tips and advice that I offer. Occasionally, you will see affiliate links to products or services that I have used myself. You may follow me on social media through below button links found on the right lower side of this blog. You can also subscribe to my Newsletter for you to receive valuable tips and ideas, which I exclusively publish only in the newsletter.

How did I become a virtual assistant?

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My career evolved from a physical therapist in 2001-2005 (I studied IT in 2003) to medical language specialist in 2006 until 2010 and medical language editor in mid of 2011 until the end of 2014. In 2014, I studied freelancing, particularly virtual assisting. Back then, I was like so many other VAs. There are lots of things that I didn’t know about. I learned what I could through reading books, attending many workshops, webinars plus seminars. Through these, I gained a lot of knowledge and valuable information. Because of this, I wrote my first eBook Virtual Assistant Startup Kit: What You Must Know.

Things became so much easier the moment I figured out how to market my business “the right way.” Because of this, I found ideal client(s) that fits my skills and helped me earn more than I anticipated. Indeed, it is possible to make a living in the comfort of your own home and do what you love at your own pace in time.

Success doesn’t come easy, take note of that. I owe my success to God, continuous learning, building meaningful relationships, hard work and taking action.

I’d love to help you live life in YOUR own terms!

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