The Virtual Assistant Job Board

Virtual Assistant to the Owner

Company/Business Name: We Smile Big

Type: (startup) small growing online retail business

Contact Person: Guine Baker

I'm looking for someone proactive and detail-oriented with excellent written communication skills to be my virtual assistant.


• This is not an entry-level assistant position. You MUST have at least 2 years experience working remotely as a Virtual Assistant for a business owner.

• You’ll handle mostly personal details, including travel arrangements, ordering groceries, hiring companies or individuals to make daily tasks more manageable - laundry, cooking and cleaning. You will schedule personal appointments, research social events, and research to help with my decision making - like which gym to enroll in. You will help with clothes shopping. You will help manage my calendar.

• This is a part-time role, starting between 10-20 hours per month. This may gradually increase to more hours per month. If this happens, it is likely that more business details will be added to your plate - scheduling, handling customer service requests, communicating with manufacturers.

• This is a remote role. We will communicate via email, messaging, video calls, and phone.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Manage all people and services that assist with my daily tasks - groceries, cooking, meal prep, laundry, housekeeping.

• Research options and create detailed info sheets that will help inform my decisions for personal tasks - what neighborhood to live in, what soap to buy, options for social events, what gym membership to have, what phone to buy, what book to read, etc.

• Assist with monitoring of my inbox and emails, including responding

• Maintain daily calendar, arrange calls, meetings, and conferences while making sure all details are handled in a clear and organized manner.

• Personal shopping for household items and one time purchases.

Knowledge and Skills

• Ability to manage multiple incoming requests, while ensuring they are relayed or handled at the appropriate time, in the necessary order and in the correct manner

• Capability to set up new systems and processes in order to streamline business and personal functions

• Ability to manage multiple people and coordinate multiple services remotely

• Exceptional ability to communicate progress on multiple projects

• Highly organized and efficient

• Trustworthy with strong personal integrity

• Forward-thinker who can proactively handle circumstances and situations to head off a crisis

• Able to manage calendars

• Proven ability to prioritize tasks

• Perfectionist, super attention to detail

• Must be a self-starter, self-motivated, and able to work independently with minimal oversight

• Must be comfortable developing and working a virtual relationship and having limited amount of face-time

If interested, please apply here.