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The Ultimate List of Virtual Assistants

Glaiza Reogo

Professional Virtual Assistant

I help executives and managers focus on decision making by taking care of routine administrative tasks. Reliable, passionate, and with excellent attention to detail, you can delegate the tedious tasks to me so you can focus on running the business.

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Cindy Santerva

Professional Virtual Assistant

My name is Cindy and I have been working as a VA for 4 years now. I have different skills which I think will be very beneficial to clients like appointment setting and admin works.

Annurag Aggarwal

Professional Virtual Assistant

I am a seasoned professional with 14+ years of experience in diversified roles. Working in the diverse set of companies starting from a seasoned corporate giant which has a set of policies and procedures to a dynamically growing startup showing 200% growth in just one year, I've gained the Agile mindset which is backed with strong and proven support of standard operating procedures and policies. Starting from following the policies to designing the SOPs for my team and for the company, I now help businesses build their strengths around Operations, Training & Development, Research and Content Curation. Change management has become easy with approach of being Agile in everyday life, it is all about practice. I've been dealing with and managing Culturally diverse Multi-Generation teams Internationally across Asia Pacific. Have dealt with clients across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore. I'm a fast learner who embraces change and is always eager to accept constructive challenges. Being self-motivated and keeping my calm in difficult situations has helped me develop a holistic vision towards life (both professional & personal), which helps me focus towards the cause of disruption rather than getting lost in the problem.

Maria Elena Minesterio

Aspiring Virtual Assistant

My long-term experience in the service industry has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer's expectations with service that sells. I have assisted all types of customers in all types of settings. I realize that acquiring and maintaining loyal repeat business as well as spreading the word of your business through these loyal patrons is of the utmost importance in every company. Positioning a company for better exposure and greater marketability is a task that I have performed with success many times. I am an excellent trainer who achieves ongoing success with her teams by building morale, maintaining teams' self-confidence, and training them to build the sale by improving their people skills. less

Hazel Joy Julaton

Aspiring Virtual Assistant

"I am a BS Information Technology graduate. I have experience as Data Analyst, Encoder, and Admin Assistant. I am currently a freelance Virtual Assistant."

Tiina Ansell

Regular Virtual Assistant

Tiina Ansell is a Virtual Assistant who is passionate about making business easier for entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants. She has worked for both startup and well established companies in administration, management support, finance and project coordination roles for over 20 years. Tiina applies her extensive experience with her great interpersonal, multitasking and organizing skills to help busy business persons so that they can focus on their goals.

Rizel-Ann Aguinaldo

Aspiring Virtual Assistant

I'm an independent woman. I love to communicate with other people especially with any other foreign language. I am a techie person.

Czarina Lobiano

Professional Virtual Assistant

I have 3 years experience mainly in different kinds of virtual assistance tasks such as in being a real estate VA and an eCommerce VA doing admin tasks and data entry works mostly are project based jobs. I am very skilled when it comes to google sheets, excel sheets, word, google applications and cloud based platforms.

Feberline Canonoy

Regular Virtual Assistant

I have a high level experience with Google Suite + Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, etc.). I have relentless attention to details. I do have the ability to prioritize in a fast-paced, rapidly changing work environment. And also havd the ability to do research online and concisely compile information.

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