How to Start Your Virtual Assistant Career?

Book Reading: The Virtual Assistant Startup Kit: What You Must Know?

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On today’s episode I would like to read one of my books. But first, let me introduce to you three of my books which was published on Amazon. The first book that I wrote is the Virtual Assistant Startup Kit: What You Must Know followed by Notes from a VA and recently Am I Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant.

Today, I would like to read a page from the first book that I wrote the Virtual Assistant Startup Kit: What You Must Know. Let me introduce this book. On the front page is the title then on the back are the About Me and a Review. There are nine chapters on this book and some other pages.

I would to read the introduction part of this book, so that you can have a little understand on what to expect on this book.


In the online world, there are thousands of jobs being offered. One of those is that of virtual assistant. This can be a lucrative business online, and thousands of people have achieved success with this kind of career.

Now, if you are someone who wants to take control of your time and work within the premises of your home as a virtual assistant, you need to know the basics. As a newbie, you may earn a decent amount, but as you progress on this kind of job you surely earn more and turn it into a full-time job. So here is the introduction to the beginners guide to becoming a virtual assistant.

Create Your Own Workplace

• Creating your own workplace at home entails having a designated work area that's quiet and gives you the flexibility to implement your virtual assistant tasks. Also, you need to have your own computer, a strong internet connection and other necessary virtual assistant equipment such as phone and fax machine, as well as pen and paper for your offline tasks. Make sure that your computer has an advanced processor, added memory and a hard drive. This way, you can download, upload and install the programs needed for your everyday work as a virtual assistant. Of course, you need a mouse, keyboard, computer headset and a web cam. Your internet connection should also be fast enough to easily download and upload programs to your computer. This will allow you to communicate with your client without any hassles at all.

Present a Captivating Resume (online resume, PDF or word document resume or CV)

• Now, after making your own work area, you can create your resume to present to clients willing to hire you. Note that your resume should have information regarding your skills, qualifications and work experience. The point here is that you need to provide necessary information your resume, which will ensure that clients are interested in hiring you to be part of their online company. However, be honest since displaying honesty is a part of being a virtual assistant.

Use Online Tools for Your Virtual Assistant Tasks

• Of course, you need to have the best online tools needed for your virtual assistant endeavors to make tasks easier. You can install such tools online, or your future client may provide you with them.

Negotiate Your Charge Rate

• Applicable charge rates for a virtual assistant depend on the rate of your client. You may also demand a rate but if you are still a newbie, you might as well be contented with a flat rate. After you've had years of experience and acquired advanced skills as a virtual assistant, you may stipulate for an increased rate. But even then, negotiating your rate with your client is the best thing to do.

Harness Your Virtual Assistant Skills

• Since you are just a beginner virtual assistant, you may need to harness your skills by learning online. There are lots of resources detailing how to gain skills in article writing, transcription or data entry and more. Be patient, and in time, you will definitely understand the basics as well as the advanced tasks required of a virtual assistant.

So, if you want to be a virtual assistant and earn more money than you usually do, then be patient, create a compelling resume, learn the skills of a virtual assistant and even use online tools to make tasks easier. In this way, you can become qualified as one of the best virtual assistants online.

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