A Day in a Life of a Virtual Assistant: How to Work from Home?

In today's episode, I will show you how I work every day at home. Usually, I woke up at 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM. Like the usual thing people do, is that they eat breakfast first. Since I'm just working from home, I fetch myself and dress like I'm just inside the house. Unlike when you work in an office, you should dress, wear pants. But not like this, wearing short pants and a t-shirt. I'm just wearing a t-shirt when I'm working from home.

At the moment, I will show you one of my clients, how I work on my computer. What I've been doing for this client? I'm doing data entry, website development, and management. I have skills in web development, design, social media management, and email marketing campaigns. The work shift that I'm doing for this client is from 8:00 AM until lunch, at noon....

So, I'll show you today how I work for this client. As you can see, my computer is a bit far and blurry. It's because of the privacy and agreement between my client and myself. I cannot dislodge nor reveal the client's website, data, and passwords that I've been using. Those are confidential. And the information, the data that I've been using for the client. I hope this will give you an idea of how people like us, virtual assistants and freelancers, work from home daily.

I don't know how you work during the day or if you have a day-shift client. I would like you to show how by commenting down below on this episode. It would be exciting to see how you work from home. You can attach a picture of where you work from day to day, working from home.

So, this is the place that I'm working at the moment. It's a small house. It's a mini-townhouse.

We have a house in another place in Pangasinan, Philippines. But I'm not living there anymore. Right now, I'm living here. Sometimes, I go there to visit the house.

Since it's pandemic, it's a bit safe for me to live here at this place where I'm at now. And I'm very safe here because it's a subdivision. So, this is the place that I'm living.

I have a small desk and my laptop. I don't like a desktop because of the kind of work that I'm doing. Sometimes, I need to go out or visit other countries. I love to travel a lot. I bring my computer while I'm traveling. Then, do work-from-home in other countries or other places locally here. So, I need to have a portable computer, so I chose a laptop to bring it everywhere I go, but still, I can work anywhere as long as there's an internet connection. I have a mouse, a small mouse on my desk, and a headset. Whenever I do video conferencing with the client or have plans that we need to discuss - I use a headset. We use Skype for video conferencing as well. Also, we use Whatsapp for the conversations.

It is a simple desk that I have and a chair I'm sitting on. I just put up a throw pillow here at my back. Before, I don't put in a throw pillow. Right now, my back hurts because of too much sitting during the day and the kind of work. The back hurts when you are sitting for long hours. So, I need a throw pillow to support my back and also my seat area.

So, this is how I work, and it is the place that I am working. I hope you have an idea of how people like us work from home.

Thank you for watching this video today. I hope this helped you, gave you an idea of how people like us work from home.

So, if you want to be a virtual assistant and earn more money than you usually do, then be patient, create a compelling resume, learn the skills of a virtual assistant and even use online tools to make tasks easier. In this way, you can become qualified as one of the best virtual assistants online.

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