Should You Ask Your Client for Benefits?

Should you ask your client some benefits like social security, health insurance, housing benefits? So, as a freelancer or virtual assistant, because of the situation at the moment, which is pandemic where a lot of people lost their jobs and some businesses lost their profits and some already shout down or filed for bankruptcy because of the pandemic which is still happening until today.

The question is, "Should you ask your client to give you some benefits like this or not?" I have a few clients from US and London. I've been working for them for many, many years. So far, our relationships were all good. They pay me in US dollars and UK pounds. When I first met them back in 2010, we had a written agreement. But, in that agreement where there is no written agreement about anything in relation to benefits - social security, healthcare, and housing benefits.

Because of inflation of goods and services as well as our needs like food, shelter, gas, etc. The expenses... So, our income needs to be adjusted accordingly in response to our expenses as well as the people that needs our support like our family.

As a long-term assistant for these companies in the UK and US, I tried to convince them to increase my rate. But, I didn't asked them directly to pay for my benefits (insurance, healthcare, and housing benefits). I didn't asked them directly. But, I asked them for an increase in rate, a few hundreds. So, that I can pay for my expenses and benefits...

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